The blushed Nudes| Maybelline eyeshadow palette

Hello babes,

today I am going to talk about The blushed Nudes eyeshadow palette from Maybelline. As one of the new year resolutions, I will try to be more active here and post as much as I can. Last year was incredible for me and I am so happy and excited for 2017. Now, let’s get into it. Honestly, I love Maybelline products so much. Almost every product that I’ve tried from them worked very well on me. So I’m really happy for the opportunity to share my oppions with you guys. I got this palette few months ago and I had enough time to test it out. This is pinkish shimmery eyeshadow palette with only one matte eyeshadow, and maybe not everyone is going to like this palette, but for me – it’s perfect! Love the colors, pigmentation, lasting, I mean everything! Now, I’ll stop writing for a second and let you to enjoy this beauty!

The blushed Nudes
The blushed Nudes
1st trio swatches
1st trio swatches

This the 1st trio from the palette. As you could see, these are really bright shades. I’m using these on daily bases, cus they are simple and goes with pretty much everything, so you don’t have to worry at least about your eyeshadow :). When it comes to pigmetation and lasting, it’s perfection! It stays on my lids all day long with no changes, trust me. I’m impressed!

2nd trio swatches
2nd trio swatches
2nd trio swatches

I mean..just look at these shades! This is probably my fave trio from the palette, but I’m not 100% sure cus I just can’t decide which is the most beautiful! Here we have two pinkish shades and one brownie. The middle shade is the only matte in this palette and it’s so beautiful! The pigmentation and lasting are completly the same as the previous ones. And I have to say this, all the shadows from this palette blends really well. Amazing!

3rd trio swatches
3rd trio swatches

This trio is more on the brown side and I really like that. I’m really into brown, golden, Earthish, toned shades for all seasons during the year. And as you probably noticed, 1st two trios in more on the bright side, and the 2nd two trios is more on the dark side. That means that you own palette with day to night possibilities. 1st row is for day time, and the 2nd row is perfect for night makeup looks.

4th trio swatches
4th trio swatches

And the last trio contains the darkest shades and I am not using this all the time, but sometimes yes. This shimmery black is perfect for smoothing your eyeliner wing! And for swatching all the shades from palette I didn’t use any eyeshadow base, so you can only imagine how these would be pigmented with base!

So, that’s it for todays post. I hope you enjoyed reading this! Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments down below. Wish you all the best in 2017! Happy New Year!

Till the next time, kisses :*


5 thoughts on “The blushed Nudes| Maybelline eyeshadow palette

    1. I highly recommend this palette, I didn’t regret buying this one. These swatches are without base, so they are even more pigmented when you put first eyeshadow base. And the best part, for me, is staying power. Cus I’m on my college sometimes during all day long and trust me, they are perfect! They lasts no matter how bad weather is. In my case, they survived rain, humidity and snow for the same duration like when it’s dry outside. I hope that I helped you a little bit to decide 😊😙

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