The Nudes| Maybelline eyeshadow palette

Hello everyone,

today I am goint to write review about The Nudes eyeshadow palette from Maybelline. I really love this makeup brand and I am using a lot of stuff from them, so I am very excited to share my opinion about this palette with you guys. I bought this palette before two weeks so I’ve had enough time to test it out. If you like neutral shades like me, keep reading this post.

The Nudes by Maybelline
The Nudes eyeshadow palette
One more 🙂
Opened (just look at these shades) !!!
The colors guys!!! Amazing…
13 looks in one palette

As you can see, the packaging is super cute and simple. The eyeshadow comes in a 12-pan black plastic case with a transparent lid which closes securely. The transparent lid makes it easier to spot the colors of the palette without having to open the lid. There is some instructions on how to make the most of the palette on the back of the packaging. The colors have been placed in a manner such that it can be split up as quads, trios or duos. There is also double ended sponge tip applicator included with this palette. The finish varies across the colors. It’s a mix of matte, satin and simmer finishes. Most of the shades are soft and have a creamy feel to them. But the lighter shades seem very chalky and they are difficult to work with.  The pigmentation and longevity again varies with the colors. I have split up the palette in trios, so that is easy to reference.

First trio swatches
1st trio 

These colors from the 1st trio are really light, even with the primer. I used primer for every swatch in this post. So yeah, the shades are beautiful but the pigmentation aren’t that good. The white one is good as a highlighter for your lids and that is color for the entire eye area. The beige shade is for lid, and the brownie is for contuoring your crease. They are not long lastings shadows, but they are good for everyday cus they are neutrals. They lasts up to 3-4 hours on my lids. I like them but I don’t use them very often.

2nd trio

The second trio is more pigmented than the first. The colors are also darker and they are lasting about 5 hours on my lids. I am using it almost every two days, cus it fits very well with my style. The brown color is matte, but not too pigmented. The lightest shade from this trio is with the least pigmentation and with satin texture. The most beautiful in my opinion is the 3rd, bronze shade, with shimmer texture and the best pigmentation from this trio.

3rd trio swatches
3rd trio

This trio is my favorite from this palette. It is perfect for fall season and I would wear them every single day, trust me. Pigmentation, texture, everything is right on point. The lightest shade is the golden one and I like it a lot, it is different from the rest of the palette and it is great for creating more interesanting looks. It has shimmer texture. The darkest one from this trio is deep brown shade with matte texture and I am using it for contouring my crease. And at the end, brown shimmer shade is absolutely amazing, cus this tone is perfect for fall.

4th trio swatches

At the end, there is 4th trio from The Nudes eyeshadow palette. As you can see from the picture, these shades are really pigmented. This combo is perfect for night outs and special events, and that means it is not for every day usage. But the colors are so beautiful. I like everything black and this is awesome for creating more darker and vampy looks or smoking your eyeliner wing. There is a lot of odds. The lightest shade is cute, so soft and pinkish rosie toned, you feel me! The brown shade is with half matte and half shimmer finish, and that is great if you are searching for some kind of the middle of these two textures. They are really long lasting and I like them.

1st row of the palette swatches
2nd row of the palette swatches

For swatching these beautiful shades I used Prime and Fine eyeshadow base from Catrice cosmetics.

Eyeshadow base from Catrice cosmetics

That is it for this post. Thank you for reading it. I hope you enjoyed! If you already have this palette or you are thinking to buy it, feel free to share your opinions with me in the comments down below.

Till the next time, kisses :*


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