How to get long healthy nails

Hello guys,

we all know that having long and healthy nails is really feminine and so beautiful. There are several things you can do to protect and streghten your nails.

  1. Essence repairing nail oil
Essence studio nails repairing nail oil

I have been using this product for almost 3 years. This is my 3rd bottle of it. This one is with argan oil, which is amazing for nails. One bottle can last more than 6 months and that is great. I am using it before bed time. It takes a little more time for absorbing process, so you should leave it during the night. I didn’t notice that my nails grows faster, but they look really stronger. This is great product for the price value.

2. Coconut oil

Coconut oil
Coconut oil

Coconut oil works great for strong nail growth. It consists of essential nutriets to keep your nails strong and moisturized. It also makes stronger your cuticules, which play a major role in nail growth. In addition, it helps heal hangnails, fungal nails and cuticle infections. Massage your nails and hands with luxewarm extra-virgin coconut oil. Massage gently on your nails in circular motions to enhance blood circulation.  Do this process daily before going to bed. I bought this at the drug store. I am using coconut oil also for my hair, my body and for my daily nutrition.

3. Apply lotion often


Keeping your hands and nails moisturized may also help to encourage growth. Try keeping a bottle of hand lotion, hand cream, with you at all times and apply it a few times throughout the day. You could keep a hand cream in your purse, on your desk, or next to your bed.

4. Let your nails breathe

In some cases, the best way to rehab your nails is to let them breathe for a while. Try going without any nail polish or other products on your nails for a few weeks. This will give your nails a chane to repair themselves.

5. Wear latex gloves

It is also a good idea to wear vinyl or latex gloves whenever you wash dishes, clean, or do other things that might expose your nails to water and chemicals.

So that is it for todays post. I hope you enjoyed it. Share your opionion with me in the comments down below.

Till the next time, kisses :*


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