Love Nature masks|ORIFLAME Sweden

Hello everybody,

today I am going to show you 3 Love Nature masks from Oriflame. I really like Oriflame products cus they work very well on me. So yeah, let’s get into it.

Love nature masks
Love Nature gel mask with cucumber
From the back

Love Nature gel mask with cucumber is for combination skin, which is my skin type. So I choose this one to try out. First of all, I washed my face with warm water to open up pores and then massage the mask on to my face.There is 10 ml. of the product and that is really enough. The texture is thick and with transparent color. It’s a gel mask. This mask has cooling effect and that is really nice, especially for summer. I enjoyed during that 10 minutes of waiting. I probably keep it more than 10 minutes on my face and then wash it off. It was a little bit harder to remove it from my face, so you have to wash it really well so you can make sure that is your skin really clean. I always wash my face with cold water after using some products cus I don’t want my pores stay opened. After using it, my skin was so soft, bright and nice. I love it!

These two I didn’t try, cus they aren’t for my skin type. So I’ll give them to my mum and sis. I really love skin products because skin care is one of the most important daily routines and I really enjoy trying out new products.

Did you try some Oriflame products? What do you think about that brand? I hope you enjoyed this post. Share your opinion with me in the comments down below.

Till the next time, kisses :*



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