My favourite NYX lipsticks.

Hello everyone,

I have always been a huge fan of NYX Cosmetics lip products ever since I fell in love with makuep. They offer the most gorgeous varieties of shades, with great formula consistency, and prices that are very pocket-friendly. So keep reading if you want to know more about my all time faves!

Left to right: NYX Matte Lipstick (shade: natural-MLS09), NYX Soft matte lip cream (shades:Stockholm-02 and Zurich-14), NYX Extra Creamy lipstick (shade: minimalism-615A)
NYX matte lipstick
matte lipstick
NYX matte lipstick
natural nijansa

This one is actually good lipstick! High coverage, pretty long lasting, very bright and strong colors – all that you are looking for in a matte lipstick. Formula wise, it is not moisturizing, but it is not drying either. I would say it has a creamy finish but it tends to just sit on your lips after a while. It is not uncomfortable. The pigmentation is incredible and the shade selection is amazing. This is perfect lipstick to toss in your everyday beauty arsenal. Really love it!

oba soft mat
NYX soft matte lip creams 
soft mattes oba.jpg
nijanse softrija
NYX soft matte lip creams – shades: 14 and 02
Cruelty free!
stokholm otv
svi sa otvorenim
Stockholm – the opened one!
jos jedna otvorena stock
One more 🙂
cirih otv
Zurich – 14
svi sa cirihom otv
Zurich – the opened one! 

Affordable, long wearing and with endless range of colors, this lip creams by NYX is definitely worth purchasing! However, it takes a little long to dry, which is pretty fine as the result comes off absolutely matte and lasts for a good 4 hours on the lips. The aplicator is convinient and makes the application of the product even and precise. The texture is smooth and the smell is ok. Zurich is darker nude pink shade on the warm side. Stockholm is nude peach! And, I am absolutely in love with them!!!

ekstra hidris
NYX extra creamy lipstick
ekstra hidris nijansa
In shade: minimalism-615A

Love! It is smooth and moisture with every application! It is a velvet-textured lip cream that covers the lips with rich color that smoothnes and moistures lips. This is my go to lipstick. And this shade is perfect for summer, so beautiful 🙂

Darker angle (left to right): Zurich, Stockholm, Minimalism and Natural
Lighter angle (left to right): Zurich, Stockholm, Minimalism and Natural

Thanks for reading..I hope you enjoyed this post! Share your thoughts with me in comments.

Till the next time, kisses :*


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