My morning skincare routine.

Hello everyone,

in todays post I will talk about my morning skincare routine. It is really simple, I use only 3 products every morning to keep my face nice and clear. If you want to know more about those products then keep reading this post.

My all time faves 🙂
Clean & Clear blackhead clearing daily scrub

Clean & Clean blackhead clearing daily scrub. It is really simple to use. You have to just wet your face and use it as you would use any other scrub, making small circles on the face using fingertips. Just concentrate more on the areas with blackheads. Speacial exfollation micro-beads immediately peel away dead cells to unclog pores, while the blackheads from forming. This soothing scrub is gentle enough to use everyday to help keep your skin clean and clearer of blackheads, without irritanting or over-drying. It works amazing for my skin, really love it.

Farmasi skintrends anti-fatigue eye cream

This little cutie is absolutely amazing! Anti-fatigue eye cream formulated by acai berry. Super light and delicate cream for: reduces dark circles and pouches, relieves the skin around the eye, remove the wrinkle under the eye. And while it fights the marks of stress and tiredness, it provides a fresh and young look. After every using I feel so fresh and ready to start my day.

NIVEA Care cream

My face just love NIVEA products. And this one is everything! I am using this all over my face, except my eyes area. This formula works amazing, my skin really quickly absorbs this cream. It makes my face really smooth, soft and nice. I highly recommend this product. The price is also good.

So, that is it for today, it was a really quick review about my morning skincare routine. I hope you liked it. You can share your thoughts with me in comments.

Till the next time, kisses :*


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